Orinda Afternoons

FCCH Lic# 073407526


enrollment We will have several full-time and part-time openings for two toddlers age 24 months or older in Winter 2015.

Orinda Afternoons has open and rolling admissions throughout the year based on availability. All families are asked to schedule a tour prior to admission. 

Prior to attendance, parents must submit the following forms. Children CANNOT attend Orinda Afternoons until all of the required forms are submitted.  Upon receipt of all required forms, parents will receive an Orinda Afternoons Parent Handbook. 


LIC 700 IdentificationEmergencyInfo.pdf

LIC 627 Consent for Medical Treatment.pdf

LIC 995A Parents' Rights.pdf

LIC 613A Personal Rights.pdf

LIC 702 Child's Pre-admission Health History.pdf

LIC 9150 Parent Notification of Additional Children in Care.pdf


Questions? Interested parents should call or email 925-254-1974 or OrindaAfternoons@gmail.com.