Orinda Afternoons

FCCH #073407526


“Bekki has done a fantastic job with our daughter and I can tell that our baby girl always enjoys her time there. Bekki is very smart and knowledgeable and has been super helpful to us as first time parents. She feeds the kids healthy food and snacks and also provides a full diapering service, which is super helpful. She is great about sending little updates and photos of the kids throughout the day, which of course we love!” - Anya G (Lamorida Moms Forum, March 2014)

“We have been sending our son here since he was about 5 months old and have been very happy with Bekki. Her playroom is clean and very spacious. She also takes the kiddies outside in her fantastic yard a lot, which we love!

Other pros:

- Since she is small, she provides personalized care to each child/parents preferences

  1. -Great communication in the form of daily written reports, text messages and photos throughout the day

  2. -Makes a concerted effort to build a community with the other families and her own family

  3. -Is very engaged in our son’s development and encourages him to reach his milestones

  4. -Has created a calm and peaceful environment for the kids

  5. -Way more flexible pick up and drop off times than bigger centers

The only real con is that she is closed on Fridays” - Anne M (Yelp, March 2013)

“My daughter started (at Orinda Afternoons) when she was 14 months and loves it. I get a daily written report and photos (via text message) throughout the day.  The meals are healthy and they do a lot of activities focused on learning colors, sounds, etc.. Most important, my daughter has a huge smile for Bekki every morning so I know she is happy there (that, and she doesn’t always want to leave!)” - Amy S (Lamorinda Moms Forum, March 2014)

“My 8 month old daughter just started...and it’s great.  Bekki is a pro. She’s been incredibly helpful. I am a new mom and I love her balance of sharing ideas but not stepping on my toes about my parenting style.”  - Angela M (Lamorinda Moms Forum, March 2014)

“For the parent looking for care...there is a program in the East Bay that is fantastic. Small, home-based and very child centered.  (Orinda Afternoons) is small - kids get lots of attention. The director is really nurturing, fun and great with young kids...Check out Orinda Afternoons” - Susan W,  (Yelp and BPN Feb 2013)

“Where do I start? Orinda Afternoons has been a lifeline for me and my 3 kids...now that I found Bekki.... Her home is welcoming (and so clean) and set up for kids. Arts, crafts, science, nature, (safe) adventures and play .... never a dull moment for your little one. I found her child development background to be of real help/support any time I had something to run past her regarding my kids. And if that is not enough, she serves healthy, yummy snacks and lunch!! If I could give Orinda Afternoons more than 5 stars, I would.”  Trysha B, (BPN October 2013)

We love Orinda Afternoons! It gave my kids exactly the kind of (experience) that I dreamed of giving them. They got to spend the day in the great outdoors with a handful of other kids, which was exciting without being over-stimulating. Bekki is wonderfully attentive to the kids’ needs and moods, and tweaks the days’ program when the kids are extra energetic or extra tired. My older son says that he wishes he could go to Orinda Afternoons instead of school and can’t wait to get back, and my four-year-old says, “It’s AWESOME”!”  - Dana S, (Yelp and care.com, September 2013 )

We are immensely grateful to Bekki Gilbert for contributing so positively to our son's development...Bekki Gilbert, the lead teacher/director, is a gifted and passionate educator with a background in Child Development. Most important, she is a caring mother of two children and a nurturing mentor to all kids. She talks about...activities with excitement and sincere interest in children and their learning. She created a program not only as an educator in mind but as a Mom, who blended science-based environment, art, free play, home-based atmosphere ... not to mention a close connection to the nature and atmosphere nourishing a deep curiosity about the world, beauty and history of the Bay Area and local regional parks... Our son loves outdoors and free play. When we picked him up at the end of the day, he was a happy, energized boy, who was not willing to go home! He could not wait to go back to Miss Bekki the next day. One of the other great features is the intimate nature of the program, where kids get lots of personal attention. Bekki is very responsive and sincere. I greatly appreciated the pictures she shared of what kids did during the day and weekly newsletters with detailed description of the activities...We are so happy we have met Bekki and our son had one of the most valuable hands-on experiences.We highly recommend this program!” -  Irina P, (BPN, September 2013)

“We had a great time with Orinda Afternoons, my son’s favorite. He can’t wait to go back to Miss Bekki. Creative, active, mindful teacher, great place (tree house, trampoline, sandbox to name a few) great trips, lots of learning with a hands on approach. As good as it gets.”  - Tatiana M, (Yelp and BPN, July 2013)